The changing forms of Saree

The Saree/Sari, after having survived hundreds of years of changes, invasions, colonizations, globalization has now emerged as a much fancied, glamorous and sexy outfit, seen adorned by beautiful women all over the world.

The Sari gives a women a sense of luxury, grace, elegance and femininity like no other. Sari is an attire that flatters the female form and if draped well, can also help hide a few faults here and there. A Saree is definitely an attention grabber, whether on the red carpet, or a friend's wedding, or an office party. There is a saree for every occasion. Saree makes the woman wearing it feel like a princess, glamorous, beautiful and special.

Saree is truly the most versatile garment. The same Saree can be draped in several different ways, worn with different kinds of blouses, even trousers, and accessorized in numerous ways. Sarees come in a whole range of different fabrics, colors, patterns, with different prints, work...there is literally no end with the kind of variety one can have in the wardrobe with just a few sarees.

Saree is essentially a drape. A long, unstitched, decorated drape. This gives it a lot of potential to work with. Which ever way one drapes it, it works. This also gives designers a lot of freedom and creative potential to explore. The wearer also can have different looks with the same piece of garment. Thus, though the Saree has been around for centuries, its ways and styles have changed and evolved to suit the current styles, and it continues to evolve and change, without changing the basic elegance and feminine delicacy of the drape.

A few reasons why Saree has survived as a fashion garment over centuries

  • It is versatile – The saree can be worn/drapped in several different ways. Within India, there are as many different draping styles, as there are states. To name a few , the Gujarati draping style, the Rajasthani draping style, Bengali draping style, Maharashtrian way of wearing saree, Styles form the South, etc etc. to learn how to drape your saree in different styles, read our article here . Draping is made easy with The Saree Pleat Maker and Saree Magnetic Clips. Apart from the traditional styles, one can experiment with other new ways. Even the older traditional styles can be sported with a contemporary twist.
  • It is sensuous and sexy in its appeal – No other garment flatters the female form as the saree. The fluidity of the drape, offers a very feminine and sensuous appeal to the wearer.
  • For every occasion – There is a saree for almost all occasions, be it an office party, festival, romantic dinner, wedding, a get-together with friends etc. The saree can be differently accessorized and made to look casual or festive.
  • Glamor quotient – One feels special and glamorous like a princess in a saree. The saree is luxurious and flamboyant.
  • Variety – It comes in numerous varieties of material, colors, work and style. One can wear it with different kinds of blouses.
  • It is constantly re-worked and re-invented by designers, making it more and more contemporary while keeping the essential elegance intact.